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Podcast (BaKhabar I Macro Pakistani x Investors Lounge)

BaKhabar is a series of smart, data-driven conversations about Pakistan’s Economy and its future. Week after week we present to you untold stories about economic and governance related challenges in Pakistan.

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Episode 01 I Why hasn't Pakistan become the Asian Tiger it was destined to be? Apr 11, 2021

What is Pakistan’s economic story? What are its challenges? What should we focus on? Faiz Ahmed (Founder, Macro Pakistani) & Sennen Desouza (Co-founder, Investors Lounge) will help you understand “Why hasn’t Pakistan become the Asian Tiger it was destined to be?” in this first episode of BaKhabar.

Episode 02 I Why are Pakistanis unable to save? Apr 17, 2021

⚫ About 83% to 85% of income in Pakistan is spent on private consumption.

⚫ Pakistanis are unable to save!

⚫ Why are Pakistanis unable to save and invest less? Learn more from Episode 02 of BaKhabar (a video series for initiating better conversations about Pakistan’s economy by Investors Lounge and Macro Pakistani).

Episode 03 I Why do Pakistani governments fail to balance their budgets? Apr 25, 2021

‘Fiscal Deficit’– If you’ve heard about it but never quite understood it, Aapne Ghabrana nahi hai.

Episode 03 of #BaKhabar will help you make sense of the following:

⚫ Pakistan’s twin deficit crises

⚫ Budget landscape in Pakistan during the past 40 years

⚫ Problem with Pakistan’s tax system and low tax collection

Episode 04 I Why does Pakistan keep going back to the IMF? May 1, 2021

Central to the discussion on the economic prospects of Pakistan is the relationship between the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Pakistan! Episode 04 of BaKhabar will help you to understand:

⚫ In a crisis situation how does IMF fit into the picture?

⚫ Agreements between the IMF and Pakistan are not meant for growth, they are meant for macroeconomic stability.

⚫ How is Current Account being financed by borrowing from foreign sources?

Episode 05 I Does Pakistan have a debt problem? May 9, 2021

Before commenting on whether or not Pakistan has a debt problem, we should understand what public debt in Pakistan looks like.

Episode 05 of BaKhabar will help you to understand:

⚫ Debt-to-GDP Ratio

⚫ Central Government Debt (CGD) in Pakistan

⚫ Debt servicing

⚫ Pakistan’s comparison with emerging markets when it comes to public debt

Episode 06 I How does inflation affect the average Pakistani? May 23, 2021

Overview of what inflation is, how its measured in Pakistan and what are some issues with measurement that Pakistan Bureau of Statistics need to take into account.

Episode 07 I What causes inflation in Pakistan? May 29, 2021

Taking the discussion on ‘inflation’ in previous episode further, Episode 07 will help you to understand:

⚫ causes of inflation in Pakistan

⚫ demand pull and cost push inflation in Pakistan

⚫ recommendations on how public management of prices can be improved

Episode 08 I What are the issues with employment in Pakistan? Jun 5, 2021

Overview of labor force and unemployment in Pakistan, with particular focus on female participation and youth unemployment issues in the country.

Budget Special Episode I Budget 2021-22 Update

Highlights from the Federal Budget 2021-22 along with comparisons of previous years’ budgeted and actual revenue collection/expenditure. Ambitious target setting for revenues continues with fiscal deficits budgeted at 6.3%. Higher GDP growth is expected to bring in higher tax revenues and lower deficit. Expenditure to rise mainly for subsidies, development expenditure and higher transfer to provinces.

Episode 09 I How are Pakistanis suffering from too much electricity? Jun 19, 2021

Overview of labor force and unemployment in Pakistan, with particular focus on female participation and youth unemployment issues in the country.

Episode 10 I How has inadequate housing affected Pakistanis? Jun 25, 2021

An overview of housing in Pakistan with a focus on the demand and supply side issues linked with the limited penetration of mortgage industry in the country.

Episode 11 I What does Pakistan trade with who? Jul 2, 2021

An overview of Pakistan’s #export and #import mix, highlighting lack of diversification, an aversion to imports and important geopolitical relationships to consider.

Episode 12 I How can Pakistan reach its export potential? Jul 9, 2021

Given Pakistan’s observable characteristics, World bank estimates that Pakistan’s potential exports are at USD 88.1 billion, about 4 times the actual current level.

Episode 13 | Is the dollar fairly priced in Pakistan? Jul 16, 2021

In simple terms, there are two types of exchange rates: nominal and real. Nominal Exchange Rate (NER) is the rate at which an individual can trade the currency of one country for the currency of another country. Real Exchange Rate (RER) is the rate at which an individual can trade the goods and services of one country for those of another country.

Episode 14 I What is the provincial breakup of GDP in Pakistan? Jul 30, 2021

Discussion on availability of granular economic data in Pakistan, with highlights from a UNDP study on estimates for provincial breakup of GDP and per capita income in the country.

Episode 15 I How is the level of human development in Pakistan? Aug 6, 2021

An overview of the Human Development Index for Pakistan, with a province wise comparison on education, health and income inequality.

Financial Inclusion in Pakistan I Macro Pakistani x Karandaaz Pakistan Oct 17, 2021

Financial Inclusion in Pakistan, this Episode with Karandaaz Pakistan will give an overview of the following:

• Current statistics on financial inclusion in Pakistan, comparison with other comparable regional countries.

• State of financial inclusion in Pakistan, and reasons behind why Pakistan continues to lag in this field.

• Comparing financial inclusion statistics in Pakistan, relative to around five years ago.

• Statistics on gender disparity in financial inclusion in Pakistan.

• Why is there a vast gender disparity in this field, what steps can be taken to bridge this divide?

Reducing CO2 Emissions and Enhancing Indigenous Energy Sources Dec 1, 2021

How did Engro use a waste byproduct created in natural gas extraction to power a 217 MW power plant?

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