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Macro Pakistani is a data driven research platform that aims to provide a basic understanding of Pakistan’s economy. If you have an interest in contemporary news but are currently overburdened with sensationalism and specialized vocabulary, we are the platform for you. Unlike traditional media, we help our audience make more sense of the news and political rhetoric by sharing a simple understanding of macroeconomics and breaking down economic data on Pakistan into bite-sized digestible pieces. We aim to play an intermediary role between purveyors of relevant economic information and the disseminators of breaking news by slowing the information down.

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Most Pakistanis want the news

There are almost 40 million internet users in Pakistan, where 70% of the population is under the age of 34. Almost 25% of the population above 13 years of age makes use of social media.

High Civic Engagement in a youthful population…

Usage of internet to get news once daily (%)

Increasingly dissatisfied with existing news media

Adverse opinion on performance of media in Pakistan(%)

The long-term goal of Macro Pakistani is to democratize relevant information for the masses and develop a sense of civic responsibility within them. In order to channel the high levels of civic engagement toward a greater sense of responsibility in the youth, we believe an understanding of economic facts and frameworks is important. The current news media relies on click-bait push notifications to get greater traction that fuels advertising revenue. Add to this cluttered social media feeds, and readers are left with a lack of clarity in a noisy environment.

Pakistanis became Macro Pakistani

Meet the team looking to unclutter your social media feeds!

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Faiz Ahmed | Founder

MBA Candidate at Harvard Business School with prior experience at Bain & Company, International Finance Corporation and State Bank of Pakistan

Abdul Rehman | Technology Expert

Data Engineering enthusiast, startup founder in Biotech, currently work as a software engineer at the University of Melbourne.

Fakiha Hassan Rizvi | Founder, Brand Nib

Independent digital marketing consultant creating unique and high-quality digital content for the online growth of businesses or startups.

Asad Pabani | Former Editor-in-Chief

Journalist, researcher and documentary filmmaker. Former EIC of Macro Pakistani (July 2021 to February 2022).

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